Monday, August 10, 2015

Langhorne Carpet Continues Its Relationship with the First Family of American Motoring

Weaving History for Henry Ford’s Birthplace
Family-owned and operated, Langhorne’s relationship with the Ford Family, which began with the mill’s initial purchase in 1930 of several pre-owned Ford looms, continues with the weaving of a new, museum-quality wool carpet for Ford Home, Henry Ford’s birthplace now located in Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan. Langhorne was commissioned by the Henry Ford Museum to create a carpet for the legendary Michigan auto pioneer’s home from his early years. Bill Morrow, whose great grandfather bought the looms from Ford, says, “In many respects, the best thing that happened to Langhorne Carpet was Ford’s decision to stop making carpet flooring for his cars. That jump started our business 85 years ago.”

A look at Langhorne's carpet for Ford Home
The Ford home project represents the latest in a decades long series of Langhorne historic carpet reproductions. Others include the White House, home-museums of several American presidents, and official governors’ residences.
Langhorne is also the proud weaver of the distinctive border of the captivating West Wing carpet featured in Season III “House of Cards.” (We previously uploaded a blog post about Langhorne’s work on House of Cards. To read it,
click here.) Langhorne’s meticulous reproductions are coveted by curators and historic preservationists.


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