Monday, August 1, 2016

British Wool Marketing Board Representative Visits Langhorne Carpet Company

Tim Booth tours Langhore Carpet Company
For decades, Langhorne Carpets has proudly sourced pure, hearty wool from the United Kingdom. Durable British wool has been essential to the creation our Wilton Jacquard carpets. This July, our heritage Bucks County mill became doubly proud when British Wool Marketing Board representative Tim Booth dropped in from across the pond. 

Mr. Booth’s visit wasn’t his first—the Bradford-based textiles expert joked he’d gone out of his way to find the mill before. But the afternoon he spent with mill owners Winnifred and Bill Morrow served as a reminder of the history and commitment to integrity British Wool and Langhorne Carpets share.

"Fifty-five percent of all British wool goes into carpets," said Mr. Booth, explaining that his native country’s particular climate has created particularly hearty sheep, which translates into particularly hearty wool. He also offered a presentation about one of the lesser-known advantages to using pure wool in the home: Fire safety. Wool fibers burn hundreds of times more slowly than synthetic fibers. Wool also tends to self-extinguish. (And, as we saw in a video featuring H.R.H. Prince Charles, wool is also biodegradable.)

British Parliament formally established British Wool in 1950. Back then, the goal was to encourage the United Kingdom’s renowned sheep farmers and wool mills to collaborate in creating a uniform product that represented the best the country has to offer. Today, the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) represents more than 45,000 wool producers across the U.K. The nonprofit organization also works closely with H.R.H Prince Charles on the Campaign for Wool. Additionally, British Wool works globally to educate interior designers, distributors, showrooms, consumers—even school children—on the value of wool through an online curriculum, site visits and more. (Check out for a truly adorable wool tutorial.)

No matter the client, said Mr. Booth, "We show them this is what quality looks like. This is what quality feels like." Langhorne always looks forward to new shipments of British wool, and new collaborations with the British Wool Marketing Board.


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